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KineOptics is a small instrument design, engineering, and manufacturing company, specializing in precision mechanical components and instruments. We provide valuable services for science and industry, as well as the research and academic communities.

Scientists and engineers can acquire a custom instrument or component without extensive design, engineering, and documentation concerns. We can work from basic concepts and solid model files, or drawings. We can also make your prototype and small production runs quickly, even the very small parts. With extensive materials in stock and tooling set up for prototype work, we can usually get your parts out quickly. Give us a call with your idea or if you have any questions.

At KineOptics, we are well versed in Science and Astronomy. We have worked with large and small observatories on projects ranging from instruments to individual components. We have also provided design services and consultation.

KineOptics has over 40 years experience with instrument design and fabrication. Utilizing our well equipped instrument shop, most projects can be completed from original concept to finished instrument.


LIGO was recently designated an American Physical Society Historic Site

LIGO Photodetector Array

KineOptics has published a web based application for engineers and scientists to use on their mobile device or browser. Click here to go to the Speed Engineer installation page, or click the Solar Spectrum above to go directly to Speed Engineer.

LongSpectrumComp IMG3951