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Wind Tunnel Balance

Stewart Piano Tuning Hammer


High Stiffness, Low Weight

Aerospace quality throughout

The Stewart Piano Tuning Hammer PTH-5-1

The Stewart PTH-5-1 will probably be the best tuning hammer you will ever tune with.

Designed by the KineOptics design team, the Stewart Piano Tuning Hammer is made from aerospace materials and manufacturing techniques. The Aluminum Arm and Titanium Torque Shaft have been extensively analyzed using modern Finite Element Analysis software for material dimensions and thickness for maximum stiffness with minimal weight.

When held, the Tuning Hammer has a good feel and balance to minimize fatigue during those long tuning sessions.

Our Tip is very special, being manufactured in our shop with a proprietary method that results in an extremely accurate and smooth internal square shape. This special design and manufacturing method will greatly reduce the marking of the piano tuning pegs. The fit is very good on the pins which adds to the solid feel while tuning. The design and accuracy of this internal double square feature makes necessary only one tip for most pins, mainly 1, 2, and 3.

The Titanium Torque Shaft projects 1 inch from the handle at a 5 degree angle. The Torque Shaft is set into the handle and located securely with an 8 sided modified spline and locked with a screw.

The Arm is CNC machined from aluminum and anodized a nice Dark Red. The I beam cross section was designed using Finite Element Analysis to reduce weight while keeping stiffness high.

The Acetal Handle was designed to be comfortable in the hand and have maximum feel and control. The handle is machined out of Acetal engineering plastic and CNC machined in our shop.

All parts including our special tip are designed using CAD software and machined with CNC machines in our shop in Sequim Washington. We might offer extended line of different variations in the future depending on demand.


Tip: 17-4PH Stainless Steel, heat treated, (square feature profile accuracy + - .0002")
Torque Shaft: 6AL-4V Titanium
Arm: 6061 T6 Aluminum, type 2 anodized
Handle: Acetal Engineering Plastic, Black
Length: 11.750 inches (298mm)
Weight: 8oz (228 grams)


Stewart PTH-5-1: $355.00 each (this price includes one tip)

Stewart Tip: $58.00 each

Please call or e-mail with any questions


Ordering: Please contact us regarding your interest in the PTH-5-1. Please put PTH in the subject line to help us track orders. Include your address and what you would like to order. We will then calculate shipping cost and reply back. We can accept Checks and Paypal.

Shipping: We normally ship UPS or USPS.

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Wind Tunnel Balance

The rectangular cross section of the Stewart PTH-5-1 provides positive rotational control when placing it on tuning pins.
This design feature will speed up your tuning.

Wind Tunnel Balance

This image shows the torque tube set into the handle. This spline feature
is an interference fit and makes the two parts essentially one piece.

Wind Tunnel Balance

This image is of two tips. The one on the left is the worst tip we have ever seen.
The tip on the right is our tip, manufactured in Washington State.
The image was taken in our J L profile projector.
Notice the accurate profile of our tip and the rounded inside corners.
This accurate, smooth profile will protect expensive tuning pins from marks.

Wind Tunnel Balance

This picture is of the final FEA analysis of the PTH Arm after extensive design
changes to achieve uniform stress of the PTH Arm I beam cross section.