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Some of our customers and their projects:

National Science Foundation's LIGO Project (Caltech and MIT)
HEPI Hydraulic Actuator Assembly and Testing
Internal seismic isolation Electromagnetic Actuators
Engineering and Design Services
Photodiode Array instruments
Fused Silica Laser Pre-Mode Cleaners
Assembly and Testing Fixtures
High Vacuum Components
Optical Mounting Systems
Testing and Development

DigiCOURSE (Ion Geophysical)
Engineering and Design Services
Instrument Design
Assembly and Testing Fixtures
Precision Prototype Design and micro-machined part Fabrication

Giant Magellan Telescope
Design Consulting

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Small Component Fabrication
Instrument Design

University of Arizona, Large Binocular Telescope
Engineering Support
Primary Mirror support flexures
Design assistance and fabrication of hard point actuator anti-backlash gears

Miscellaneous parts and components

Space Systems Laboratory
Precision Polishing of Optical Encoder Disks

General Electric Global Research
Optical instrument design and fabrication

University of Michigan
Wind Tunnel Balance
Fused Silica Couette Cell Components
Cross Chamber Flow Cell Instruments
Shear Cell Instruments

PFG Precision Optics
Instrument Design and Fabrication
Optical Testing Systems
Custom Optical Fixtures and Tooling

Prototype Fabrication
Testing Fixtures and Instruments

Williams College
Scientific Instrument Modifications

University of California Irvine
Conical Shear Cell design and fabrication