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Speed Engineer is for engineers, scientists, designers, instrument makers, machinists and anyone needing quick and accurage reference to design information and data critical for efficient, fast design.

Material properties are organized by the value of the property selected, not alphabetically. This allows easy study and fast material selection. Materials are also listed in Yield to Density and Modulus to Density. English and metric units are shown separately for clarity.

Screw thread data is organized in such a way that all data for the size selected is in one location and presented in a logical and efficient manner. Tap drill diameters are shown and also the probable hole size. High quality drills will drill a slightly smaller hole, low quality drills will drill slightly larger hole size. Hole size can also depend on feed, material, and other factors. On critical applications, always consult the manufacturer's recommendations on probable hole size, especially on form tap sizes.

Other categories include Viscosity, Size ~ Drill, Sheet and Wire Gauge, Refractive Index, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Most data was gathered from manufacturer's information with some averaging when conflicts in values were found, or when it just made sense. For critical applications, the manufacturer's data should always be consulted. We would appreciate reports on errors and suggestions are welcome. Additions and other categories will be added occasionally. Corrections will be made as soon as they are discovered.

Yield on plastics are shown as 25% of ultimate, which is a common recommendation when designing with plastics.

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