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I first noticed a small lump on my left hand in early 2005. Not knowing what it was, I sort of ignored it. But when it became larger, I searched on the web and found
I started this documentation on March -20-2007.

Here is the link to the procedure. https://www.aafp.org/afp/2007/0701/p86.html

Here are some more links about injecting nodules, updated June, 2021














October-3-2007, New lump forming under middle finger.


October-3-2007, New lump forming under middle finger.


October-12-2007 was my first Kenalog injection. Lidocaine was injected around the nodules and Kenalog was injected in the nodules and in the cord. About 3ml of Kenalog 40 was used. Locations can be seen in this picture.


Lidocaine and Kenalog injection the day after.


November-04-2007 3 weeks after the Kenalog.

A very small cord is starting to form in line with the smaller lump. but this may have been there before the injections. During the next few months, the pain when pressing on a nodule has subsided and the "tightness" when opening my hand is gone. The skin around this area feels different but does not hurt. This might be from the Kenalog.


Before this next injection of Kenalog, the nodules were slightly softer and possibly smaller.

Here is a picture on January-6-2008.

On January-2-2008 I had another series of Kenalog 40, 3ml. The doc injected less Lidocaine per my request, but this time into the nodules and cord instead of around it, which was not correct per the procedure. The Lidocaine should have been injected more towards the wrist to deaden the area by the Dupuytren's.

We waited 5 minutes and then the Kenalog was injected into the nodules and cord. The doctor did comment that the nodules seemed softer than on the previous injection. The Lidocaine wore off in 6 hours this time and my hand was in more pain than the previous injection. I'm not sure why at this time but as of this picture, it hurts to completely open or close it. At this time, my recommendation would be to inject Lidocaine in two locations about 50mm towards the wrist, in line with each nodule. Then wait 5 to 10 minutes before proceeding with the Kenalog. Also, per this article, the Kenalog should be injected into the sides of the nodules. This is to prevent accidentally going through the nodule and into anything important beneath the nodule. Inject a little bit in about 4 locations on each nodule, not all in one spot.

A bag of raw rice heated in the microwave feels good in the days after the injections.



My hand is still just a bit sore when opened and closed all the way but improving. The skin has taken on a smooth texture and is slightly shiny. There is some shrinking of the skin in the areas around the nodules.


Another image on January-8-2008 showing the shiny skin a bit better
and also the shrinking around the nodules. I feel that a considerable
amount of Kenalog was injected this time.


September 12-2008 ...

My left hand has essentially remained unchanged and I am delighted. There is no contraction and I see no further growth of the nodule. For the last two weeks I have had some soreness in the knuckle joints of this left hand which concerned me but after a weeks worth of Naproxen, the soreness has subsided. I'm not sure what the soreness was from but I have been using my hands quite a lot lately. I have now stopped the Naproxen and will see what happens in the future.



...I have just noticed this nodule on my right hand pinkie. No need to describe how I feel.

This came on quick, probably within a week or two at the most as I would imagine it would have been noticed in little time. This could be a bruise from being hit but there is no pain. At this time I can only assume it is Dupuytren's.


I have to point out that I was taking 440 mg a day for the previous eight days for the joint pain in my left hand and some foot issues. Looking back, I also have taken several eight day doses of Naproxen in the past, I can't time it exactly, but I think it was before a period of Dupuytren's growth. The relationship between Naproxen and Dupuytren's is most likely only a coincidence, but worth noting.


April 5, 2010

Here we are two years later and still no contraction of my left or right hand. Let's get the right one out of the way first. The little nodule on the pinkie is still the same with no change. It has not had Kenalog yet, but I plan on getting all nodules injected this summer. The left hand pictured is also unchanged with no contractions, but there are two more locations, (3&4) that very small nodules have appeared. These are very small and only someone with Dupuytren's could self diagnose them, if they are actually Dupuytren's.

For the last year I have only taken aspirin and maybe a bit of Ibuprofen but NO Naproxen. I'm not sure about the Naproxen connection as the test is far from scientific, but I would rather not chance it when aspirin works well enough. But here is an interesting thing, I occasionally have a burning pain between the 1st nodule annotated, and the base of that finger. It has been present since the last Kenalog injection two years ago and hurts when lifting or squeezing tight. Could some Kenalog been injected into the tendon two years ago? These are questions I have to anyone who might have experienced similar pain after receiving Kenalog injections.


April 5th, 2010

Another view of my left hand.


February, 2017

Another view of my left hand. No pain, no contracture.
My hand can press flat on a table.
Minimal NSAID use.

August 3, 2019

I just noticed a new nodule on my Right Hand, right in the center of the image.
The nodule is a bit tender when pressed. No contraction as this is the early stage of Dupuytren's. I am now searching for a clinic that will inject it with Kenalog as my left hand was done years ago. I have been using a bit of Ibruprofen recently for some metarsal pain in my foot.

I'm quite bummed out about this new nodule.


November 13, 2019

This morning I received an injection of Kenalog in the new nodule. At my request the doc gave me three Lidocaine injections about 45mm towards my wrist and when he returned my nodule area was not numb enough so he injected some Lidocaine around the nodule and that quickly numbed the nodule area. I would recommend this in the future and not waste time waiting on the previous recommendation of waiting for an injection further away. The concern, and I can't remember where I read it, was not to mix the Kenalog with Lidocaine. This should be investigated further. The doc also thinned the Lidocaine with saline because it is so thick. I do not know if this was done last time but it was not mentioned then. My hand is a bit sore but not too bad. The Lidocaine sure stings when injected though.