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KineOptics HC custom fit mounting base

KineOptics is now offering custom fit bases for our HC-1 and HC-2 focusers. These bases are made from durable black plastic in our 3D printer and will be custom fitted to your tube diameter or flat mounting plate. The bases have a internal honeycomb structure that is sealed on all sides, which results in a light, stiff, and very strong part.

When inquiring, please include your tube outside diameter and distance from the outside surface of the tube to the bottom of the Red Main Ring of the HC focuser. Note that there are minimum heights that an HC focuser can be mounted on a base due to the bearings extending out of the bottom. But if the tube is relieved for the bearings, there is also a minimum due to the thin section of the custom base getting too thin for adequate structure. This height restriction must also be considered when using flat mounting designs.

Typical dimensions would be a minimum height of 8mm for the HC-1 and 11mm for the HC-2. This will clear the bearings on the Main Ring without relieving the tube for the bearings. If the tube is relieved, the minimums could be reduced to 6mm and 8mm respectively. Maximum dimensions would be in the 20mm to 30mm range.

The base will be delivered right off the printer and may require sanding to smooth up some surfaces. The internal honeycomb structure is just below the 1mm wall thickness so this must be considered if a lot of sanding is required.

The external surface will have layers visible as shown in the images. If desired, sanding a painting is possible to smooth or change the color.


Mass: 10 to 25 grams, depending on size.

Price: $20.00 to $30.00 depending on size and height.

Just send an e-mail inquiring about the HC custom mounting base and we will reply with the price and shipping cost. Please include all dimensions needed.

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